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tv   8 News Now at 11 PM  CBS  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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but could it be a rough remedy that will have a negative impact on schools./// plus... we refresh your memory on school zone laws that deal with more than just your speed./// things are heating up as students head back to school. katie has your bus stop forecast straight ahead. "now, live...this is 8 news now weekend edition." ((sharie johnson)) we'll get to those stories in a moment but first we're tracking right now there's a high police presence in the area near palos verdes and twain. we're told police are searching the area following an incident at crown liquor. at this time there's very limited information as to what sparked the investigation. be sure to stay with 8 news now both on air and online for the latest details on this story./// ((sharie johnson))
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here at 8 news now i'm sharie johnson. class will be back in session tomorrow for both clark county school district as well as u-n-l-v and many are wondering how to dress. katie boer is here to give us a look at your bus stop forecast tomorrow. katie? ((katie boer))
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head back to school. .................. your extended forecast shows temps. returning back to the triple digits for the next three or four days before another slight dip back to the upper 90s. ((sharie johnson)) from the skies to the roads... valley law enforcement is urging drivers to stay safe . your commute will soon see more traffic anchor demetria obilor has a look at some areas sure to slow you down in this week's look ahead.. students go back to school tomorrow morning, so expect a lot more traffic on the road. there are cone zones all throughout town that are going to slow you down. we'll talk about a few of them you may want to watch out for. up in the northwest, there's a lot of work happening on ann road and 215, plus there's a bus yard nearby. expect to see a lot of
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construction on rainbow and russell too. this is right by durango high school and a couple of other schools to. you may want to use alternates like jones to get to the beltway. along the south beltway, construction has shut down the left lane of westbound 25 between the warm springs and mccarran exits expect to see more traffic in the area, which could cause additional slow downs along this stretch. ccsd schools are back in session monday, as well as unlv. expect to see a lot more pedestrian traffic up and down maryland parkway. we'll talk
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day of school tomorrow on "good day."/// ((sharie johnson)) speaking of school zones--- we caught up with metro last week to refresh us on laws that school zones. outside of speeding there several no- no's many people don't realize according to metro. one of those things include jay-walking. police say that's when parents, students or both cross the street with no regard to drivers when they are not permitted to do so. the second one is for drivers and it might actually surprise you: (( when you're in a school zone, even if it's not posted, you can not make a u-turn any time when children
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on your record.)) ((sharie johnson)) >> metro tells us... any minor violation in a school zone will result in four points on your driving record. once you reach 12 points in a calendar year--- your license can be revoked./// ((sharie johnson)) the countdown is over for the clark county school district to try and fill the hundreds of vacant teacher positions. at last check there were at least 300 spots left to fill. and many of those will likely teachers. but it has an impact on already poor performing schools.
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elementary schools. nearly half of them, 167, are special education classes. but ccsd says is trying to ensure every student has a licensed teacher. ((meg nigro, executive director, recruitment & development it puts our kids who are already at a disadvantage because they may not have some foundation skills then to start the year with a substitute who isn't licensed is not what we want )) ((sharie johnson)) new this year, the $5,000 incentive from nevada's legislature for select schools will not be spread out over the entire year. ((meg nigro, executive development they're getting $2,500 on the first paycheck that way it would help people and then their getting the second lump sum in january )) ((sharie johnson)) plus the state department is allowing incoming educators provisional licenses. it means they can get hired and have one year to meet nevada requirments. meanwhile david wonders the impact untrained teachers will have on already struggling students. ((david gomez, parent of 4 children & nv peace alliance community leader could it hurt the clark county school district, yes it can )) >> ((sharie johnson))
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challenge with current applicants is having or tracking down references./// ((sharie johnson)) and while school begins tomorrow... many parents continue to wait for a decision on nevada's school choice. it would allow parents to be paid roughly 51-hundred dollars to go toward educational costs like private school tuition or tutoring. the program remains locked up in the state supreme court on two challenges. one is in opposition of diverting public funds toward private education. allows public money to go toward religious education... a violation of the state constitution. the state treasurer... in charge of administering the program... says the program is legal because the state pays the parents... who then get to choose what to do with the money. ((dan schwartz/(r) state treasurer: "we have failed, the state of nevada has failed its kids, and the whole point of sb 302 is to push the reset button.")) ((sharie johnson)) >> oponents to the e-s-a
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education is not taking money from already underfunded schools... but to better fund them in the first place. they also say at this point... if the program is implemented... it would cause disruption in schools because several thousand children could be withdrawn from public schools almost all at once here in clark county. ((sharie johnson)) coming up on 8 news now... crime seems to be on the rise in henderson. the latest on two deadly plus, we're learning more about the man who died during a fun weekend at lake mead last night.///
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i'm catherine cortez masto and i approve this message. as a doctor, i see how decisions in washington impact my patients here in nevada. so even though i'm a republican, i won't be voting for joe heck. oted ten times to defund planned parenthood, which thousands of women depend on for cancer screenings. and heck opposes a woman's right to choose even when her health is at risk. for me and my patients,
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police are currently searching the area near palos verdes and twain following an incident at cr but be sure to stay with 8 news now both on air and online for the latest details on this story./// ((sharie johnson)) henderson police have arrested a man in connection to a fatal crash that has left a 52-year-old man dead.
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michael stanley... rear-ended a motorcycle near warm spring and eastgate. the collision forced the rider into a guard rail causing massive injuries. the rider was pronounced dead at the scene. as for stanley... he now faces a d-u-i death charge as well as a charge for leaving the scene./// ((sharie johnson)) the man police say is behind henderson's sixth death is expected in court tomorrow. you'll remember yesterday police say michael lanunziata shot a nevada state drive and the 95. lanunziata is currently being held on a 250 thousand dollar bail on an open murder charge./// ((sharie johnson)) tonight we're getting a look at the 48 year old man who died from an apparent scuba diving accident at lake mead yesterday. we're told fred arnold the third was a veteran officer in tampa florida. he served on their force for 27 years.
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officer and his family saying in part: "he volunteered countless hours to mentoring young teens in our police explorer program. he will truly be missed." as for the woman who lost her life at lake earlier today... she has not yet been identified./// "now, live...this is 8
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((sharie johnson))
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soon require those looking to surrender their pets to make an appointment. the change expected to go into affect this thursday, september first. we're told the change comes as a part of mission: possible 20-20. it's a strategic initiative to save the lives of all healthy and treatable animals that enter our care by the year 2020. the appointments will allow pet owners to get educated on their four-legged friends out of the shelter./// ((sharie johnson)) a foundation who does a lot of giving... was on the receiving end tonight. a fundraiser this weekend helped collect supplies for "the people's autism foundation". last week, they lost almost all their donated school supplies in a fire. the organizer is a las vegas man, named zachary snowbel, who wanted to give back: ((zachary snowbel, sobe ice area, battle born hockey league director i believe it's just doing what's right, not about the recognition at all, it's about
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future so why not help the future )) ((sharie johnson)) >> snobel has friends and families with autism and wanted them to feel community support./// toss to katie for weather ((katie boer))
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................. right now looking at lots of sunshine and plenty of blue sky. a few clouds but generally a quiet picture on the radar. ................... right now...we're looking at temps. in the low to mid 90s. some upper 80s near mountains edge and the foothills around mt. charleston. ................... looking at your evening planner look for temps in the mid 90s throughm, 80s arund 11 and low 80s around 8am tomorrow morning as kids head back to school. .................. your extended forecast shows temps. returning back to the triple digits for the next three or four days before another slight dip back to the upper 90s.
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raider fans ((jon tritsch)) >> you can't just pack up and leave without hurting a whole lot of feelings oakland had their first home game last night and the die hards are feeling desert-ed plus we countdown the throws and whoa's from our local sports week..
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to another rarely goes smoothly.. exchanging lovers may lead to long term success but it's guaranteed to lead to short term sourness... just like moving an nfl team from passionate oakland to promising vegas the raiders held their first home game of 2016 on saturday..the fan bases' mood was full of devotion and desperation
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are in a losing battle..the bay area continues to hold out hope of keeping their team and town intact.. raiders hall-of-famer ronnie lott is leading a charge to build a new stadium.. but the new las vegas stadium renderings of a world class palace right off the strip is the latest blow..every tailgate was talking..and the diehards are in a state of distress (dr. death/fan: "i have a lot of mixed emotions to where i'm just coming here to root for the colors and the players on the field. the bay area did not fail mark davis. mark davis has failed the bay ar libby schaaf/mayor: "excited about working with ronnie lott. his star power will help a lot in galvanizing support in the business community which is critical for our success.") our first fan's choice game of the week was a thriller between liberty and arbor view..those who rocked the vote on our 8 news now facebook page you did well congratulations. .now do it again.. our three week 2 nominees:
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bishop gorman.. chaparral at basic and rancho at desert pines.. you have until wednesday football is back and the las vegas highlight makers have come out to play.. flashes of gridiron greatness dominate this week's vegas five.. a countdown of the best wait for it steven jackson gained fame at el dorado high school and with 12 years in the nfl..but now he's making plays with generosity.. the running back donated 1 million dollars to assist homeless veterans in vegas jackson/former nfl star: "we want to make sure that homelessness and veterans aren't something that is used in the same sentence. myself and many others are coming together around the community to make sure that veterans have a place to rest, food to eat, and clothes on their back.") number four..the raiders released the renderings of their palatial proposal for a las vegas stadium.. good news.. there has been nothing like it in the history of standing structures..bad news.. the price tag went up to $1.9
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blew out cedar hill of texas..quarterb ack tate martell was doing as he pleased..over 100 in the air and on the ground for the ohio state commit number two..gael running back biaggio ali-walsh ran past the entire lonestar state..198 yards..3 touchdowns and a whole lot of bruised egos chasing after him and the play of the week.. kenyon oblad finds ethan dedeaux and ethan electrifies with the spin..the win.. end..liberty edged arbor view 27-23 in a thriller asked for it..we moutain bike bog snorkeling.. believe it or not..people are doing this on purpose..and not as a wales..athletes compete by going into a water filled ditch and pedalling their way out with a snorkel...i'm all for exercise..but this seems excessive.. here's an about a cycling class at 24 hour fitness ((jon tritsch))
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n sharie. /// ((sharie johnson)) we're continuing to
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a two-year old is going viral
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song. let's taking a listen. ((little girl singing.. )) >> this video has since gone viral with more than three million people views on facebook after her mom posted it thursday. her mom a daughter up she runs to the theater and makes me and her brothers sit in the audience so she can sing for us./// ((sharie johnson)) thanks for watching 8 news now at 11. 8 news now good day starts at 4-am.
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